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Genre : Reality-TV, Adventure, Game-Show

Cast : (Series Cast Summary – 1 of 323) , Jeff Probst as Himself – Host (294 episodes, 2000-2010)

Plot : A competition/reality come along where a family of contestants are stranded inside an overseas locality along furthermore tiny to a higher degree the outfit on their back. The contestants pop out divided into two teams that compete critical each other, along furthermore the behind players obligated to decision a member off; while the numbers are dropped to 10 contestants, the teams merge plus it’s every person since him- or herself. The remaining survivor of this lane takes out household one thousand thousand dollars.

Run Time : 60 min | 60 min (13 episodes) | 60 min (16 episodes) | 60 min (including commercials) | Norway:50 min (including commercials)

Country : USA

Language : English

Company : Mark Burnett Productions

Trivia : Ted Rogers Jr. was on the Dallas Cowboys’ 1994 pre-season roster, excluding was hack ahead of the term started.

Tag Lines : 39 days… 16 people… ONE… Survivor!
They're in for a big surprise… right from the start.
Outwit, outplay, outlast.

Plot Summary : Over the bound of 2000, sixteen standard Americans (divided into two tribes which sooner or later merge into one) were sequestered on the deserted island of Pulau Tiga since 39 days. For their stay, they must discover to live for a tribe, notwithstanding eventually, it is everybody since themselves. They compete inside disputes since "luxuries" (a barbecue, a make contact with approach home, etc.) as anyhow as immunity. Every three days, the losers of the current disputes must face expression tribal council, where they will hold since their actions by polling one and only personality off of the island. At the finish of daylight 39, there will troth simply one and only survivor vanished who will quit the island in addition to a million dollars. Based on the Swedish contest show, "Operation Robinson."

Sixteen contestants are stranded inside a remote off place also modest over the outfit on their back, a colossal sack of rice, single luxury token each, also a bevy of camera crews. Every three existence (or single episode), a contestant is voted off; the surplus survivor of this routine gets rid of house one thousand thousand dollars. The contestants take off divided into two teams that compete hostile each other, also the behind side obligated to election a member off; as soon as the numbers are weakened to 10 contestants, the teams merge also it’s every person since himself.

The do any individual a good turn sequel of the really familiar "reality TV" show. A collection of usual kinsmen relishes a mishmash of backgrounds are located in the midst of Africa, where they must trait wits, power plus collaboration to hold relishes starving, baking, dying of thirst or a mishmash of varied mean likely fates. In each episode, the members will ballot to do away with solitary someone relishes the competition awaiting solitary solitary remains to statement the splendid prize.

The foremost sequel of the unbelievably recognized "reality TV" show. A range of common kinsfolk derive pleasure a macédoine of backgrounds are sited in the course of the Australian Outback, where they must practice wits, potency furthermore collaboration to carry derive pleasure starving, baking, drowning or a macédoine of distinctive vicious probable fates. In each episode, the members will choice to cast off one and only individual derive pleasure the tournament pending simply one and only remains to insist the breathtaking prize.

Aboard a boat inside the obvious waters close the rapture island realm of Palau, twenty strangers loves distinctive walks of survival enthusiastically watch for the prospect to outwit, outplay with live much longer than themselves inside seek of the coveted million-dollar prize. Out at sea, Survivors are astonished to see that the tourney has before now begun because the initially man with lady castaways to fetch conscious at the shore will affirmation ahead of time Immunity. Surprised they aren’t also divided into tribes yet, the twenty Survivors instantly paddle their full-size outrigger toward the shore that will save someone’s skin because their camp.

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